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Allos. I am Sheep. I do shit. Fanfics. Shitty art. Stuff

Yeah, I don't have much to say about myself.

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Death Battle - Gamzee Makara vs HABIT by PsychoSheepParty
Death Battle - Gamzee Makara vs HABIT
Who would win in a fight between these two psychopaths?

Gamzee Makara - Homestuck

Steven Universe OCs - Jacinth and Cat's Eye Quartz by PsychoSheepParty
Steven Universe OCs - Jacinth and Cat's Eye Quartz
Made a couple ocs for this fandom, too

Name: Jacinth
Gender: Male

Personality: Jacinth is a highly trustworthy and mellow gem. He is known to 'never tell a lie'. He knows how to use this to his advantage, so he can be manipulative when he needs to be.
Hobbies/Talents: Jacinth enjoys reading about history on Earth

Weapon(s): Pistol
Gem Location(s): Right Arm

History: Jacinth came to Earth when he offered to be a scout for the home world. The home world gems knew that he was trustworthy, so they put him on a ship and sent him to Earth. On Earth, the ship landed in one of the Kindergartens. Jacinth heard about them, and was curious, so he searched around while the others weren't looking. During his expedition, he came across a gem girl born from the Kindergarten. The girl called herself Cat's Eye Quartz. She told him about a 'group of gems that wanted to protect the Earth', and that she wanted to escape the 'hell she was born into'. While he had heard stories about how Earth was filled with 'evil beings', he always wondered as to why they were 'evil'. She told him about how she felt the home gems were wrong for invading someone's home. One of the other home gems heard her, and tried to destroy her. Jacinth stopped them and convinced them to let him 'take care of her'. The gem agreed, and Jacinth took Cat's Eye Quartz out of the Kindergarten. When she asked him what he was doing, he smiled at her and told her "Taking care of you." Since then, the two have been hiding out, keeping as far from danger as possible.

Weakness(es): He is very naive when it comes to 'human customs', so he can be easily tricked. He's also known to become enraged if Cat's Eye is in danger.

Name: Cat's Eye Quartz
Gender: Female

Personality: Cat's Eye is an upbeat and kind gem. While her 'birth' has scarred her, she tries her best to not let it get the best of her.
Hobbies/Talents: Much like a cat, Cat's Eye has a knack for destroying things

Weapon(s): Claws
Gem Location(s): Left Arm

History: Cat's Eye was 'born' in a Kindergarten. There' she watched other gems being formed in horrible ways. She hated the fact that her and the others were all 'born' to be evil. Cat's Eye always did her best to hide from the other gems. While hiding, she listened to other gems talk about a group called 'The Crystal Gems'. When a ship from the home world appeared, she feared the worst for herself. But, a gem who called himself 'Jacinth' came over and had a conversation with her. She told the stranger everything that she felt. Something about him made her feel like she could trust him. One of the other home gems didn't like what she had to say, so they beat her. She thought she was going to die, but Jacinth convinced them to let him take care of her. She felt betrayed. He was going to kill her after she confessed everything to him? She got the shock of her life when she found out that 'take care of her' to him meant 'keep her safe'.

Weakness(es): She is very sensitive about being a Kindergarten gem. Her anger about her past can cause her to lose her temper and get her into trouble. She has strong feelings for Jacinth, and they also coud her judgement from time to time.

Crow and Chetari by PsychoSheepParty
Crow and Chetari
Request from my dear friend :iconunknownwolf1996:

Crow and Chetari going out together. A first date, possibly? Looks like Chi found something interesting and Crow doesn't get what it is

Crow is my 'Zalgoid' OC which I'll be working on

Crow - Me

Chetari - :iconunknownwolf1996:

Still doing chibi requests such as this. Drawing Practice Go here if you wish to request characters done

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Wed May 6, 2015, 4:52 AM

Need some ideas or ships for some new creepypasta fics 

1 deviant said I wrote a journal about it
1 deviant said But y'all seem to respond to poles more
1 deviant said Journal…
1 deviant said All ideas except porn welcome


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